New Product Launch – Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

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Hey there Contractors and fellow Service Professionals!

We are happy to announce that we are now rolling out PLC products. You can find these parts at our online store here.

You might be wondering…

What is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)?

Allen Bradley 1756-L61 ControlLogix Series B
Allen Bradley 1756-L61 ControlLogix Series B

If you’re an electrical engineer, a contractor, electrician, or a seasoned enthusiast then feel free to skip this explanation and scroll down to the end to find out which products we will be featuring on our PLC blog series. If you are a beginner like we all once were or are just interested in learning more, feel free to read on.

In essence, a PLC is a computer that monitors inputs and output and makes logic-based decisions for automated processes or machines.

PLCs were invented to provide similar functions as relay logic systems in a better, more efficient manner.

They can withstand harsh temperature and conditions like severe heat, cold, dust, and extreme moisture.

Similar to a personal computer, PLCs have a language. However, PLCs’ language is a lot easier to understand, unlike a personal computer, therefore they can be easily programmed.

They are also modular so they can be plugged into all sorts of setups.

You can probably see why PLCs are a better option to relay systems in some cases.

One case is to help prevent with the overheating of contacts due to arcing between contacts from relays switching under load. The arcing, as you can imagine, generates high temperature that melt contacts shut and degrades them in the relays, which eventually leads to device failure.

There is more to PLCs than this quick blurb. If you are looking for more information, send us your question here.


Featured PLC Items
Allen Bradley 1746-P2/C
Allen Bradley 1747-L541/C
Allen Bradley 1756-IF8/A
Allen Bradley 1756-L61/B
Allen Bradley 1756-L62S/B
Allen Bradley 1764-LRP/C
Allen Bradley 1769-L32E/A
Allen Bradley 1785-L40E/E
Allen Bradley 1785-L80B/E
Allen Bradley 2711P-RDT10C/B


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