New Product Launch – PLC: Allen Bradley 1785-L80B Series E

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Today we are covering the Allen Bradley 1785-L80B Series E PLC. This is a PLC 5/80 Controller with 100K words SRAM user memory.

Allen Bradley 1785-L80B Standard Processor Module

This programmable controller is another central part of each control system based on the PLC 5 series. It connects local, extended, and remote I/O modules on various communication interfaces into one control system. There are four built-in ports available for this controller. The ports are marked as channel 1A, channel 1B, channel 2A, and channel 2B.

1785-L80B Series E Controller Front Panel

The I/O scan time per rack are 10 ms at 57.6 kbits/s, 7 ms at 115.2 kbits/s, and 3 ms at 230.4 mbits/s. On the front panel of the 1785-L80B controller is a 25-pin connector marked channel 0. Channel 0 supports ASCII and DF1 full-duplex and half-duplex master and half-duplex slave protocols.


Let’s look at the Specs…

Allen Bradley 1785-L80B Series E
Max User Memory100K Words
Max Total I/O3072 any mix or
3072 in + 3072 out (complement)
Max Analog I/O3072
Communication Ports (Channels)4 DH+/Remote I/O
Max Total Number of I/O Chassis93
(93 Universal Remote &
1 RS-232-C/422-A/423-A Ports)
I/O Scan Time/Rack10 ms at 57.6 kbits
7ms at 115.2 kbits
Backplane Current Load3.3 A at 5 V
Power Dissipation17.3 W

The maximum cable length for DH+ depends on the transmission rate. It is imperative that all devices on a DH+ link communicate at the same rate. The length goes from a maximum 3048 m for speed 57.6 Kbits/s to 762 m for a speed of 230.4 Kbits/s.

Basic Enhanced PLC 5 Programmable Controller System

Allen Bradley 1785-L80B PLC 5/80 processors are available for applications from small scale equipment to entire production lines.


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