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RESA Power partners with Utility Relay Company to bring new life to existing power distribution systems.

By retrofitting existing or replacement circuit breakers with RESA Power you can update your current switchgear lineup with modern features and advanced functions to extend the life and efficiency of your facility.
Why Utility Relay?
Utility Relay Company is a leading manufacturer of micro controller based, true RMS solid state trip units for AC and DC power circuit breakers. Utility Relay Company’s focus is providing high quality, reliable and versatile trip units for low voltage circuit breakers. We couple the trip units with retrofit kits that are designed with ease of installation and reliability in mind.
The end result is an extensive line of retrofit kits that are easy to install and provide reliable protection.
URC trip units retrofit conversion kits replace legacy electromechanical series overload trip devices, thermal magnetic overcurrent releases, and older style electronic trip devices to provide greater accuracy, reliability, functionality and provides life extension of older circuit breakers at a fraction of the cost of a new circuit breaker and without modifying the switchgear.
Utility Relay Company has over 3000 complete conversion retrofit kit designs for existing power circuit breakers from different manufacturers such as:
Allis Chalmers
Brown Boveri
Federal Pacific
General Electric
Merlin Gerin
Square D
And Others