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How to Diagnose a Bad Electrical Contactor

Regular Maintenance and Troubleshooting for Electrical Equipment Functionality: Regular maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical contactors is needed for accurate electrical equipment functioning. Scheduled maintenance and diagnosis of problems means smooth electrical power performance. Early detection and repair of contactor faults saves serious failures, increases equipment life, and reduces downtime. Understanding Different Types and Configurations of …

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Replacing Contactors in Lighting Control Systems

When you start researching contactors and replacing contactors in your lighting control systems, you’ll notice that there are many different types available, such as general-purpose contactors, motor control contactors, and, of course, lighting contactors. So, what distinguishes lighting contactors? Lighting contactors are specifically designed for controlling lighting systems, making them ideal for applications requiring the …

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Guide to Wiring a Lighting Contactor for Precise Control

Before we go into the wiring, let’s define what a lighting contactor is and why it’s so important. A lighting contactor regulates lighting circuits and bridges the power source and the lighting fixtures for centralized control, automation, and remote operation. Now that we have a basic understanding of lighting contactors and their benefits, let’s look …

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Electrical Parts for Portable Solar Power Stations

Standard Electrical Parts Converge with Portable Solar Energy The thought of solar power needing electricity is counter intuitive at first, but there’s a symbiotic link between solar power and electricity. Solar panels don’t require electricity to create power from sunlight, but they do require electrical equipment, specifically inverters, to transform the generated direct current electricity …

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Temporary Electrical Power for Manufacturing Facility Power Outages Support Productivity and Profit

Temporary Electrical Power for Your Grid, Equipment Failures, Natural Disasters Power Outages Disrupt Profit and Productivity A reliable power supply is essential for successfully operating manufacturing facilities’ advanced equipment and automated production lines. The unexpected power outage interferes with manufacturing procedures, causing delays in completing customer orders and missing delivery deadlines. Companies incur fines and lose …

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Dry Type Encapsulated Power Distribution Transformer Sizes, Applications and Maintenance

Encapsulated Versus Non-Encapsulated Dry Power Transformers Encapsulated (non-exposed) dry-type power distribution transformers, also known as cast-resin transformers, provide better protection, environmental friendliness, and require less maintenance, while non-encapsulated transformers offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and potentially higher efficiency. You may also hear them called non-oil filled transformers, a reference to Oil-filled transformers which use liquid for cooling. …

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Installing Electrical Subpanel, Breakers, Wiring for Load Protection and Electrical Safety

An electrical subpanel is a reliable assistant to a main electrical panel. The subpanel distributes the workload by handling specific circuits. The electrical subpanel and the main panel are a dynamic duo that together manage the electrical system. If you’re not experienced with electrical subpanel installation, grounding, load requirements, testing and electrical codes, consult a licensed electrician…

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Upgrading, Replacing or Installing Your Electrical Switchboard?

Are you looking into the cost of upgrading, replacing or installing an electrical switchboard for your facility or building power distribution system? This is a big decision, and to understand just how important switchboards are, let’s look at an analogy that helps explain what electric power switchboards are and what they do in your facility.

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Replacing an Electrical Power Distribution Panelboard?

You’re probably familiar with the electrical distribution panel in your home when your lights have gone out because electrical appliances overloaded the system.  In this article we’re going to expand on what you know and look at what’s inside heavy-duty Electric Power Distribution Panelboards in industrial and commercial buildings.

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Contactors: Introduction, Types, Functions, and More

Contactors are the unsung heroes of modern-day electrical systems. These often-overlooked devices play a crucial role in keeping our homes, businesses, and industries running smoothly. Contactors are versatile and widely used in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Some applications you might recognize include electric motors, lighting circuits, and heating and cooling systems. Suffice to say, contactors ensure the safe and reliable operation of electrical systems and equipment…

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Important Things to Consider When Buying Surplus Electrical Equipment

General Advantages General Disadvantages 1. Cost efficient 1. Limited availability of uncommon items 2. Readily available inventory 2. New technology can be slow to market 3. Minimal obsolescence in cycle 3. Requires more attention to vendor qualifications 4. More choices for buyers sourcing material   5. Focused on medium and small size contractors   6. …

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GE Armor Clad Bus Plug

This General Electric Armor Clad (AC) plug is an older bus plug version that’s been replaced by the newer GE Spectra bus plugs. The AC plug family is one of the most popular GE bus plug systems. This family of bus plugs has been in the market for many years. The 600V line are the most popular varieties in the family. They have amperages that range from 15A to 800A. Although these bus plugs have been replaced by the newer version (GE Spectra bus plugs), Armor Clad…

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GE Spectra Series Bus Plugs

General Electric (GE) Spectra Series bus plugs replaces the older generation Armor Clad plugs, which had no current protection bust are still also popular nonetheless. Nowadays, these newer vintage Spectra bus plugs are widely used and come in different configurations. They are available as fusible or circuit breaker type plugs with either a 3 or 4 wire. These plugs have various fuse classes, frame types, and interrupting current rating. You can also choose to get them with or without ground.

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