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Upgrading, Replacing or Installing Your Electrical Switchboard?

Are you looking into the cost of upgrading, replacing or installing an electrical switchboard for your facility or building power distribution system? This is a big decision, and to understand just how important switchboards are, let’s look at an analogy that helps explain what electric power switchboards are and what they do in your facility.

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Replacing an Electrical Power Distribution Panelboard?

You’re probably familiar with the electrical distribution panel in your home when your lights have gone out because electrical appliances overloaded the system.  In this article we’re going to expand on what you know and look at what’s inside heavy-duty Electric Power Distribution Panelboards in industrial and commercial buildings.

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Important Things to Consider When Buying Surplus Electrical Equipment

General Advantages General Disadvantages 1. Cost efficient 1. Limited availability of uncommon items 2. Readily available inventory 2. New technology can be slow to market 3. Minimal obsolescence in cycle 3. Requires more attention to vendor qualifications 4. More choices for buyers sourcing material   5. Focused on medium and small size contractors   6. …

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Can Circuit Breakers Go Bad?

If you’re asking “can circuit breakers go bad?” – it’s most likely because yours stopped working, or at least it seems like they’ve stopped working. The short answer is – yes, they can actually go bad. Like many electrical items, circuit breakers could break down due to a few reasons. It’s a good idea to …

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Installing Circuit Breakers

Electrical Panel Upgrade: Should You Replace the Entire Box? If you live in an older home or just need to upgrade your electrical panel, there are some things you may want to consider before you move forward with the project. Here are some things to think about. A panel upgrade generally requires replacement of the …

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NEMA Enclosure Types

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) set safety, reliability, and efficiency standards. These standards apply to enclosures, which vary in the way they’re constructed for their specific use and environmental conditions. There are many types of NEMA enclosures that we have listed here. It is a good idea to take note of the enclosures that …

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Motor Control

What Controls a Motor? In 1887 Nikola Tesla invented an alternating current (AC) Motor to harness the power of electricity. It is a great invention but not as useful unless operators could turn the motor on and off. Therefore the “knife switch” was created, which connected the power to the motor when the operator manually pulled …

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Who Makes Siemens Breakers?

The simple answer is, of course, Siemens – they make their own well-known and durable breakers. Siemens has been around for over 150 years in engineering and world history in general. They have been making circuit breakers for a long time and are one of the top breaker manufacturers in the industry. Their simple design make …

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What Does BD1520 Breaker Mean?

BD1520 is an Eaton / Cutler Hammer brand miniature molded case circuit breaker. This breaker is a tandem / circuit limiting breaker. In other words, BD1520 is a double circuit breaker that takes up one circuit breaker space on a panelboard. However, it does not have a common trip or handle tie for simultaneous disconnecting of …

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