What Circuit Breakers are Compatible with Siemens?

Looking to replace circuit breakers in your Siemens electrical service panel? The straightforward answer is: read your panel for manufacturer’s instructions on acceptable breaker replacements. If the instructions are hard to read (normally they fade over time), then check your existing breakers and replace those with the same type. Firstly, remove one of the old […]

Ground Fault and Arc Fault 101

Ground fault and arc fault are sometimes used interchangeably but they are actually two separate things.   Ground fault is a type of short circuit sometimes known as “short to ground.” It happens when current going out on ungrounded phase (energized “hot” current) accidentally makes contact with a ground path. Electricity always wants to find a […]

Ground Fault Basics

Ground fault is simply a short in the system. It occurs when current going out on ungrounded phase comes back on grounded path. To avoid shock hazards, current going out any one phase must come back on another phase or neutral.   Ground Fault Protection A ground fault protection device is required to protect from […]

Common Circuit Breaker Problems

Let’s talk about the most common circuit breaker problems people have Circuit Breaker Troubleshooting: Miswiring Circuit Breaker: Electrical Load How to Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker Tripped Circuit Breaker: Circuit Overload Tripped Circuit Breaker: Short Circuit Why Does the Circuit Breaker Trip While Operating Certain Appliances Why is My Circuit Breaker Box Humming Circuit Breaker […]