New Product Launch – PLC: Allen Bradley 1756-L62S Series B

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Today we are covering the Allen Bradley 1756-L62S Series B PLC. This is a GuardLogix Logix5562S Processor with 4 MB standard memory and 1 MB safety memory.

Allen Bradley 1756-L62S GuardLogix Processor
Allen Bradley 1756-L62S GuardLogix Processor

The 1756-L62S Logix 5562S GuardLogix controller is a ControlLogix controller that also provides safety control. During development, safety and standard have the same rules – multiple programmers, online editing, and forcing are all allowed.

GuardLogix Logix5562S Module
GuardLogix Logix5562S Module

Allen Bradley 1756-L62S controller has a safety memory partition – when safety memory is locked and protected. The safety logic cannot be modified and all safety functions operate with SIL 3 CL integrity. On the standard side of the GuardLogix controller, all functions operate like a regular Logix controller. Thus, online editing, forcing, and other activities are all allowed.

With this level of integration, safety memory can be read by standard logic and external devices like HMIs or other controllers. This eliminates the need to condition safety memory for use elsewhere. The result is easy system-wide integration and the ability to display safety status on displays or marquees.


Take a look at the Specs…

Allen Bradley 1756-L62S Series B
Communication PortsOne RS-232 Serial Port
Safety Communication OptionsEtherNet/IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet,(standard and safety)
User Memory4 MB
Safety Memory1 MB
I/O Memory478 KB
Optional Nonvolatile Memory64 MB CompactFlash
128 MB
Max Digital I/O128,000
Max Analog I/O4,000
Max Total I/O128,000
Current Draw1200 mA at 5 VDC
14 mA at 24 VDC
Power Dissipation3.5 W


You can use GuardLogix modules for field device connectivity on Ethernet or DeviceNet networks. This module can also be used for safety interlocking between GuardLogix controllers use Ethernet or ControlNet networks. Multiple GuardLogix controllers can share safety data for zone to zone interlocking. Also, a single GuardLogix controller can use remote distributed safety I/O between different cells/areas.


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