New Product Launch – PLC: Allen Bradley 2711P-RDT10C Series B

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Today we are covering the last item of the PLC series, the Allen Bradley 2711P-RDT10C Series B PLC. This is a 10.4 inch display module with touchscreen and 18-bit color graphics.

Allen Bradley 2711P-RDT10C Standard Processor Module

This standard display module is a replacement part for PanelView Plus graphics terminal. It is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that lets users control, monitor, or display information graphically. 2711P-RDT10C is compatible with PanelView Plus, PanelView Plus 6, and PanelView Plus CE AC or DC-powered logic modules that can be installed on the back of this unit. The 2711P-RDT10C is designed for use in an indoor environment.

2711P-RDT10C 10.4 in Display – Touchscreen

This touch screen display is analog resistive. The features and firmware provides easy migration to a larger display and field-replaceable bezels are also available. The touch screen may be operated with a finger, gloved finger, or plastic stylus device with a minimum tip radius of 0.051 in (1.3 mm) to prevent damage to the screen. Using any other object or tool may damage the touch screen.

Module Components

2711P-RDT10C Series B Display Module – Modular Components

The terminals use modular components allowing for flexible configuration, installation, and upgrades. You can order items as separate components or factory assembled per your configuration.

1000 Display Module Terminal Base-Configured Unit

The base-configured unit of the terminal consist of the display module (in our case, 2711P-RDT10C) and logic module. The logic module is available with or without internal CompactFlash. The contents of the internal CompactFlash is what differentiates a PanelView Plus device from a PanelView Plus CE device. The internal CompactFlash is available in different sizes and can be ordered separately or bundled with the logic module.

          Allen Bradley 2711P-RDT10C – Communication Module

You can attach a communication module with a network interface to the base-configured unit of the terminal to increase your communication capability with these networks: DH+/DH-485 & ControlNet. The communication module installs easily on top of the logic module on the back of the unit.


Here are the Specs…

Allen Bradley 2711P-RDT10C Series B
Display TypeColor Active Matrix, Thin Film,Transistor (TFT) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
SeriesPanelview Plus 1000
Communication PortsRS-232 & Ethernet
Power Consumption160 VA max
Input Voltage100 VAC – 240 VAC
Operating SystemWindows CE 4.1
SoftwareFactoryTalk Machine Edition
Display Size10.4 in.
Display Area8.3 in. x 6.2 in.
(211 mm x 158 mm)
Display Resolution640 x 480
18-bit Color Graphics
Luminance300 cd/m2 (Nits)
Touch ScreenAnalog Resistive
Operating Temperature32 – 131°F (0 – 55°C)
EnclosureNEMA, UL or IP-rated
Approx. Weight4.8 lb (2.16 kg)
Dimensions14.8 in. W x 9.6 in. H
(375 mm W x 244 mm H)

The maximum cable length for DH+ depends on the transmission rate. It is imperative that all devices on a DH+ link communicate at the same rate. The length goes from a maximum 3048 m for speed 57.6 Kbits/s to 762 m for a speed of 230.4 Kbits/s.

The 2711P-RDT10C uses vector-based graphics and provides data management through CSV files. It facilitates data storage and modification with the login feature.

Allen Bradley 2711P-RDT10C processors are available for applications from small scale equipment to entire production lines.


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