New Product Launch – PLC: Allen Bradley 1764-LRP Series C

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Today we are covering the Allen Bradley 1764-LRP Series C PLC. This is a MicroLogix 1500 Processor with RS-232 communication port and 14 KB words user memory. Time based or event triggered data logging.

Allen Bradley 1764-LRP MicroLogix 1500 Processor
Allen Bradley 1764-LRP MicroLogix 1500 Processor

This 1764-LRP enhanced controller provides 14 KB words of user configurable memory for program and data. An optional memory module can be installed to back up the program and data. A backup memory and real-time clock module, or the real-time clock only module can be installed separately instead of a memory.

MicroLogix 1500 Module
MicroLogix 1500 Module

Allen Bradley 1764-LRP controller can be connected to a personal computer. It can also be connected to the DH-485 network using an Advanced Interface Converter (1761-NET-AIC), to an Ethernet network using an Ethernet Interface, or to a DeviceNet network through the DeviceNet Scanner module. The controller can also be connected to Modbus SCADA networks as an RTU slave.


Here are the Specs…

Allen Bradley 1764-LRP Series C
User Memory14 KB User Words:
10 KB User Program +
4 KB User Data
Communication Ports1 Non-Isolated RS-232-C port
1 Isolated RS-232-C port
*Each with DF1 Full Duplex, DF1 Half Duplex, ASCII, Modbus, and DH-485 Protocols
Digital Trim Potentiometers2 Built-In, Range 0-250
Programming SoftwareRSLogix 500
AccessoriesData Access Tool, Real-Time Clock/Memory Module, Memory Module,
Replacement Battery


Communication Port Diagram
Communication Port Diagram

The MicroLogix 1500 provides an additional communication port. You can configure each of the communication ports independently for communication protocol.

Allen Bradley 1764-LRP MicroLogix 1500 controllers are available for applications from small scale equipment to entire production lines.


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