6 Ways to Make Use of Your Unwanted Electrical Equipment

It isn’t uncommon for contractors to have excess materials and electrical equipment lying around. Tossing it in the trash is not only wasteful, but it can potentially violate some local regulations which require contractors to recycle these items properly. There are a few ways in which electrical contractors can do the environment some good and put their unwanted electrical equipment to good use:

Swap with Other Contractors

A great way to get rid of your old electrical equipment and materials is by finding other contractors to exchange with.  There are plenty of organizations out there that will connect you with contractors who are searching for specific items and who have materials of their own that they no longer need.

The Industrial Materials Exchange (IMEX) is a helpful place for contractors to buy and sell surplus materials.  You can check out DiggersList, which sells all kinds of home improvement goods.  Launched in 2009, DiggersList has become widely popular in the building industry for selling unwanted supplies.  By using these sites, you can save money and clean out your inventory at the same time.

Sell It for a Profit

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  There are plenty of people who can find a use for your old and unwanted inventory.  You can make it easy to clean out your idle stock by selling  your electronical equipment to Relectric and get the best prices for these items.  Plus, Relectric can help walk you through the buying process so that you know exactly which selling option is best for you.  You can also trade in your unwanted equipment for new items, such as low or medium voltage circuit breakers.


Properly recycling your materials is not only good for the environment, but it can make things easier on your business as well.  As more people become concerned about the environment, legislation will only become stricter.  By taking the initiative to recycle your unwanted electrical equipment and materials, you can always be one step ahead of these mandates so that there won’t be a rough adjustment period for your business.  Check out your local or state website to see what recycling program they have in place so that you can become up-to-date on the best ways to recycle your equipment.

Give It to Charity

If you really want to feel good about what you do with your unwanted electrical equipment, you can always give it away to charity.  Some charities welcome donations of small electrical equipment that still works properly.  Just make sure that you call before you try dropping anything off so that you can see if the charity will accept your equipment or not.  Habitat for Humanity is one place that may take your building materials, furniture, or appliances and put them to good use!

Repurpose/Retrofit Your Equipment

Before you toss away your old equipment, it could be worth it to repurpose or even retrofit your equipment instead.  While some items may have reached the end of their life, others simply require retrofitting to make them more modern.  If you do decide to retrofit your equipment, it is important that it is up to the National Electric Code and OSHA standards.

Give It Away

If you are searching for a place to give away your unwanted electrical equipment, there are some websites that allow you to put your items up for grabs.  Freecycle is a popular website that allows you to offer your items to the community for free.  You can also post your items to Craigslist.  Social media pages may also be another option for contractors looking to ditch their old materials.  No matter which site you choose, remember to erase any personal information that could possibly be stored in your electronics.

Don’t Toss Your Electrical Equipment Just Yet!

If you find yourself needing to do a little spring cleaning of your old electrical equipment, there are plenty of options out there other than simply tossing it away.  Whether you decide to give your materials away free of charge or sell them to others for a profit, making use of your unwanted electrical equipment can have a significant impact on the environment.  By taking the initiative to properly dispose of your electrical supplies, you can help reduce the amount of waste produced in the United States and possible save money at the same time.