Square D Circuit Breakers – Surplus and Refurbished Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are an essential device in the modern world and an important part of the safety in electrical systems. They protect circuits from melting under excess currents.

Square D is one of the oldest and most trustworthy manufacturers of electrical equipment. In fact, the Square D circuit breakers catalog contains modern models of all circuit breaker types. They are some of of the most popular, in-demand products on the market.

Circuit breakers do not last forever, however, and it is important to know when it’s time to replace yours. A few issues to keep an eye out for include:

  • A burning smell or a breaker that’s hot to the touch
  • Frayed or worn-out wires
  • Wires missing insulation
  • Black/burned material
  • Malfunctioning behavior

A good sign of a malfunctioning circuit breaker is repeated tripping. Having your power flickering on and off is a good indicator that this is happening.

If you want to replace or upgrade an old circuit breaker, buying surplus and refurbished circuit breakers can save you both time and money. Be forewarned, however, that experts recommend you do not mix and match circuit breakers due to possible compatibility problems and issues with warranties.

old circuit breaker

Relectric Supply is a market leader for recertified, refurbished and obsolete circuit breakers. We are also one of the nation’s leading suppliers of new surplus circuit breakers by Square D.

Refurbished molded case circuit breakers are completely broken down and cleaned. The components are then re-assembled and tested to original equipment specifications. The test reports are available online, and everything is backed up with a warranty.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Molded case circuit breakers are low-voltage and one of the most popular brands available from Square D. These models are flexible, smart and modern. They offer high performance for numerous applications.

Independent distributors still buy the older, traditional models despite production having been halted. If you need to replace your circuit breaker and save money while retaining the same great quality, buying refurbished circuit breakers can be a good option. Below is a list of refurbished circuit breakers available to meet your system’s needs:


120A is a 240-voltage molded case circuit breaker. The device is a single pole, 240 volt and 20 amperage. A re-certified 120A can be purchased for $20 and a new surplus 120A can be purchased for $36. Both products come with a one-year warranty.


970235 is another 240-voltage molded circuit breaker. This product, however, consists of an amperage of 35 with 2 poles. A re-certified 970235 is available for $71 with a one-year warranty included.


LAL36400 is a 300-voltage molded case circuit breaker. The product consists of 400 amperage and 3 poles and has thermal-magnetic trip unit technology. A re-certified LAL36400 circuit breaker can be purchased for $582 with a one-year warranty or for $757 with a two-year warranty. A new, surplus LAL36400 circuit breaker can be purchased for $896 and comes with a one-year warranty.


EHB34100 is a 480-voltage molded case circuit breaker with 100 amperage and 3 poles. It consists of standard interrupting capacity and thermal-magnetic trip unit technology. A re-certified EHB34100 can be purchased for $1,175 with a one-year warranty or $1,528 with a two-year warranty.


LC36400 is a 600-voltage molded case circuit breaker. Like LAL36400, this product consists of 400 amperage and 3 poles. It has thermal-magnetic trip technology. A re-certified LC36400 can be purchased for $1,180 with a one-year warranty or $1,534 with a two-year warranty. A new surplus breaker can be purchased for $2,362 with a one-year warranty included.


The GJL36020 molded case circuit breaker has a voltage of 6000 with amperage of 20 and 3 poles. A re-certified GJL36020 can be purchased for $479 with a one-year warranty.

Final Thoughts

Square D circuit breakers have been in use for very long time, with a name electrical equipment users trust. Square D offers you a range of different types and sizes to fit just about any electrical system need.

All Square D breakers are certified and under warranty, including the refurbished breakers. The used breakers have been extensively tested and checked. All test reports are instantly available online, along with product pictures, prices, descriptions and data sheets. Customers can login and see any special discount pricing as well.

Other DC-rated circuit breakers and miniature circuit breakers are available with one-year warranties in lieu of Square D manufacturer warranties. All products are backed by a $10 million liability insurance policy and a 30-day money back guarantee in addition to the standard warranty