Did Square D Go Out of Business?

Fun fact, Square D did not change its name until 1917, fifteen years after the company was established.
The name change was due to the brand’s trademark “D” on conduit boxes and switches. Since then,
Square D has been a leader and an innovative company in the electricity and automation management industry.

Square D Logo

Square D did not go out of business after much growth and expansion. Instead, the brand made a decision to
focus on what they do best while merging with another electric company that complements their brand. This
company is Schneider Electric and it acquired Square D in 1991 with operations in 23 countries and 18,500
employees overall at the time.

A brand of Schneider Electric
  • BDL26000S12
    • This is part of Square D’s PowerPact B-Frame series
  • BJL26000S12
    • Another good breaker from the PowerPact series
  • HEPD50
    • Home Electronics Protective Device
  • QO250PSPD
    • QO Plug-on Neutral SPD Whole Home Surge Protection Device
  • Power-Zone 4 Front Accessible Low Voltage Drawout Switchgear in 42-inch deep sections
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BJL26000S12 PowerPact Breaker

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