Square D Breakers: A Comprehensive Guide

Square D Guide

Square D is one of the oldest and most trusted manufacturers of electrical equipment. They were originally founded as Detroit Fuse and Manufacturing in 1902, when electricity was becoming commonplace in homes and businesses, for the production of fuses in cases and fuse switches in boxes. The name Square D was chosen due to the prominent size and shape of the letter “D” used by the company to sign the conduit boxes.

This American-based company was the first to introduce plug-in type circuit breakers in 1951. In 1991, Schneider Electric acquired Square D after its 55 profitable years, and continues the tradition of providing top-quality circuit breakers for commercial and residential use.

Square D Breakers Catalog

The Square D circuit breakers catalog contains many modern models of all types of circuit breakers. Square D manufactures some of the most popular, in-demand breakers on the market. Many people will buy a Square D circuit breaker even when a line has been discontinued.

Miniature Circuit Breakers

The miniature circuit breakers from Square D are mostly used for home and small applications. They come in plug-on or bolt-on options, and in a wide range of amp and voltage ratings. They are easy to install, feasible, affordable and can be used for multiple applications.

One popular Square D miniature circuit breaker is the EHB34030. The voltage rating on EHB34030 is 480 V, the amperage is 30 A, and the breaker features 3 poles. It has a bolt-on mounting and weighs about 2 pounds. You can still find so-called obsolete or EHB34030 circuit breaker online from many distributors.

The QO2200 is the modern model from Square D. Its specifications are 120/240 V AC, 200 A and 2 poles. The QO2200 has a plug-in mounting compared to the EHB34030’s bolt-on mounting. It has become a very popular model among electrical contractors

Molded Case Circuit Breakers

The low-voltage molded case circuit breakers are one of the most popular breakers from Square D. They are flexible, smart, modern and offer high performance for numerous applications. Several products offer basic thermal magnetic protection, as well.

The modern designs include electronic trip units with micrologic. However, most organizations still search for the used or reconditioned circuit breakers to replace in their current system that may not have had micrologic originally installed.

Some of the most popular used Square D molded case circuit breakers include LA36400KA36200 and KA36225. All three are 600 volts and have 3 poles. LA36400 has an amperage of 400 Amps, while the KA36200 and KA36225 have 200 and 225 amps respectively. There are finer differences in other details and specifications. These circuit breakers are still very popular and often are relatively inexpensive.

DC Rated Circuit Breakers

Square D also provides DC rated circuit breakers. Some of the circuit breakers work on both AC and DC systems. These dual-rated AC/DC circuit breakers provide thermal (overload) protection. The Square D Standard AC/DC circuit breakers work on both grounded and ungrounded DC systems.

DC circuit breakers find their applications in electrical components of vehicles, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, high efficiency LED lamps, solar systems, healthcare facilities and data centers, to name a few. Duel-rated breakers allow

Other Products

The molded case circuit breakers are among the most popular old-style circuit breaker for sale from Square D. However, an organization as efficient and large as Square D keeps the dependable and quality models in production. There are several products, including motor circuit protectors, Masterpact universal power circuit breakers, ground fault protection products, circuit breaker enclosures and supplementary protectors.

For example, the QYU 277 is a supplementary protector with low amperage in surface, flush or DIN mounting. The complete catalog of Square D products keeps updating with new designs and products.

Buying Square D Used Circuit Breakers

The quality of the Square D circuit breakers has made them one of the most trust electrical equipment manufacturers in the U.S. Independent distributors still buy some of their older traditional models even after the company doesn’t produce them anymore.

If you are looking for a circuit breaker replacement, Square D circuit breakers is a good place to start. Whenever you browse used circuit breakers for sale, look for a reputable and trustworthy supplier who can give you a guarantee on reconditioned electrical products from Square D.