Advantages of Siemens Breakers

Siemens are one of the most renowned electrical companies in the world, and their circuit breakers are some of the best-known in the industry. They are recognized for their simplicity of design, making it easy to operate them, and for them to be reused in new installations, giving them high resale value. They are also known for their durability, in part because of their straightforward design.

Siemens circuit breakers have played an important role in the development of the industry, and anyone looking for reliable and efficient breakers should read up on the benefits of these products.

A Brief History of Siemens Circuit Breakers

The company is 150 years old, and has played a part in not only engineering but also world history. Currently, the company has 350,000 employees worldwide, making it one of the largest manufacturing and electronics companies in the world. Early projects in its history that made it well-known were the Calcutta to London telegraph line and the development of the world’s first dynamo not reliant on permanent magnets.

One of the most well-known American brands of circuit breaker, Allis Chalmers, was subsumed into Siemens in the 1970s and continued producing under the name Siemens Allis. Siemens’ own breakers have been very successful in America, which speaks for their reliability and ease of use. The company has revenues of almost $80 billion annually.

Many Siemens breakers are labeled Siemens ITE. This is because after Siemens acquired ITE from Gould in 1983, they decided to keep using the ITE name, since it had such a good reputation.

ITE itself was named after the Inverse Time Element Innovation that made it so successful in the early 20th century. So, Siemens ITE breakers are an example of a product branded after an invention, even though it was from over a century ago.

Here are some of the more notable Siemens breakers on the market today.

Siemens FXD63B200

This breaker is part of the Sentron series, and has thermal magnetic protection and a bolt-on connection. It handles 600w voltage, making it very suitable for business premises.

The thermal magnetic functioning is very effective for businesses and homes since it has a dual breakage function. When large surges are detected the thermal component of the breakage is tripped, but not for lower surges, which allow greater reliability and less likelihood of unnecessary tripping.

The magnetic trip protects against lower surges in a more flexible way since it is not activated in the event of short bursts of excess power (such as that caused by a motor starting), making it more efficient. This combination makes thermal magnetic protection a safe and efficient setup for a circuit breaker.

Siemens BQD3100

This breaker is 480v, and has panel board mounting and 3 inches wide and 4.48 inches high. It has a molded case and thermal magnetic protection. It has a Terminal Load Lug connection and Amperage of 100-Ampere At 40 Degrees Celsius, and it also has a molded case.

It uses a three-pole breaking mechanism. This is ideal for three-phase electric power systems.

Siemens JXD63B400

This model is one of the larger breakers in the Siemens ITE range, better for more heavy-duty requirements. It uses a molded case and has dimensions of 7.5 X 5.44 X 11 inches.

It also uses a three-pole breakage. It weighs 25lbs, and has an LI trip type. Like other Siemens breakers that have a molded case, this design feature allows for more reliability and ease of repair.

Overall Advantages of Siemens Breakers

As these three examples illustrate, the reputation Siemens ITE breakers have achieved with regards to durability, efficiency and simple design is clear. Offerings in this range can suit various demands for different facilities, from smaller businesses to large plants, due to their reliability and the range of capabilities covered by the thermal magnetic and three-pole design.

This feature strikes a good balance between safety and efficiency – while you want your breaker to ensure a level of protection against overloads, there is also the concern that it will be tripped unnecessarily which, can result in inconvenience and lost revenue.

All these features are in keeping with Siemens’ reputation for products designed with pragmatism and effectiveness in mind. The company has played a major role in the world economy for the past   170 years, and their experience with major projects in this time (including a recent collaboration with the German government aiming to increase the country’s renewable energy usage to 35% by 2020) has been leveraged in its production of high-quality breakers like those mentioned here.

In addition to this, Siemens ITE breakers also leverage the experience and knowledge of the ITE brand, which has proven reliable and popular for many businesses all over America. With a simple design and long-lasting components, Siemens breakers have many advantages over the competition.