Benefits of General Electric Mag-Break® Motor Circuit Protectors

General Electric is a multinational corporation with a history dating back to the 1880s. Its founder was famous American inventor Thomas Edison. Edison had business interests in many electrical companies.

He eventually formed the Edison General Electric Company. Today, General Electric produces a wide variety of electrical products, from home appliances to circuit breakers.

About Motor Circuit Breakers

Motor circuit breakers are the main breakers for protection of electric motors. They are a type of thermal-magnetic circuit breaker. The prevalence of electric motors in everyday applications make motor breakers very popular. Several manufacturers make them. One of the most popular lines on the market is the General Electric’s Mag-Break®.

How Motor Circuit Breakers Work

Motor circuit breakers have a working principle that is similar to typical circuit breakers but with additional features specifically designed to protect motors.

A thermal protection feature is used to protect the motor from overloads. This protection is achieved with a contact strip that is sensitive to changes in temperature. This contact strip has a delayed response to allow for the high currents used to start a motor. If high currents continue for long periods of time without starting the motor, the contact strip will trip to protect the circuit against this excess high current.

In contrast to the delayed response in the thermal protection mechanism, the magnetic component of the motor circuit provides instant protection. This protection results in an immediate response to short circuits, line faults and high current electric faults.

Motor Circuit Breaker Functions

Motor circuit breakers have many functions that ensure the protection of electrical motor. The standard function is, of course, to protect against short circuits and faults. However, additional functions exist that are unique to motor circuit breakers.

One of the functions unique to motor circuit breakers is protection against phase unbalances and phase losses. This is important as phase unbalances and losses can result in severe damages to a motor. Therefore, protection against these scenarios is necessary to ensure the motors function normally.

Another function unique to motor circuit breakers is protection against motor overload. Motor overload is when a motor draws an electric current that is more than what it’s designed to carry for extended periods of time. This causes extensive wear and tear on the motor and can significantly reduce the life of the motor. Therefore, using a motor circuit breaker to protect against motor overload can ensure the motor stays functional longer.

Most motor circuit breakers also have LED displays that turn on whenever a trip has occurred. This gives a visual indication to maintenance workers that a trip has occurred and the circuit breaker needs to be reset.

General Electric Mag-Break® Benefits

General Electric’s Mag-Break® line of motor circuit protectors is one of the most popular options for motor circuit breakers. It is a cost-effective system with high precision and quality parts. The insensitivity of General Electric’s solid-state tripping system ensures the circuit will only trip when required, eliminating unwanted interruptions in the circuit. It also offers a range of benefits, such as interchangeable rating plugs and field-installed breaker accessories.

Interchangeable Rating Plugs

Interchangeable rating plugs are a special feature of the Mag-Break® line of motor circuit protectors. You can find the ampere rating for each plug on the face of the frame, with many types of ampere rating available for purchase.

Each plug is removable and snaps into place easily. This means each circuit breaker has a broad range of amperes. A unique accept/reject feature is also available to prevent the accidental installation of a plug with an incompatible ampere rating. As a result, you can interchange your plugs without worrying about which ampere rating will work with the circuit system.

Field-installed breaker accessories

General Electric’s Mag-Break® Motor Circuit breakers accept a wide range of accessories, from under voltage release devices to auxiliary switches. Not only are they UL-listed for field installation, but they can also be installed in just minutes without having to remove the breaker cover. This means significant labor cost savings for when you want any service work done on your circuit breakers.

Higher interrupting capacities

The General Electric’s Mag-Break® Motor Circuit breakers also feature higher interrupting capacities in line with modern power distribution systems. Each Mag-Break® Motor Circuit breaker comes in several IC ranges with 480 Vac being the maximum interrupting tier. Even older, obsolete models, such as this obsolete molded case Mag-Break® TEC36150 circuit breaker, can handle an up to 480 Vac interrupting tier to be compatible with modern systems.

Final Thoughts

General Electric is a multinational corporation with historical ties to inventor Thomas Edison. The company makes a variety of electrical products, including the popular line of Mag-Break® Motor Circuit breakers. These circuit breakers feature Interchangeable Rating Plugs, Field-installed breaker accessories and higher interrupting capacities.