GE Spectra Series Bus Plugs

General Electric Spectra Series Plugs

General Electric (GE) Spectra Series bus plugs replaces the older generation Armor Clad plugs, which had no current protection bust are still also popular nonetheless. Nowadays, these newer vintage Spectra bus plugs are widely used and come in different configurations. They are available as fusible or circuit breaker type plugs with either a 3 or 4 wire. These plugs have various fuse classes, frame types, and interrupting current rating. You can also choose to get them with or without ground. Their voltage ranges from 240 to 600 volts, 600 voltage being the most popular configuration. The most popular amperage ranges from 30 to 200 amps and could go up to 800 in amperage. Some of these configurations are obsolete and could be hard to find, but there are a few stores out there that still carry them. If you’re lucky enough to find the right configuration you’re looking for, then you would not need to purchase additional bus plug conversion kits to move to a new line of bus plug, which take extra money and extra work.

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General Electric Spectra Series Busway

What about the busway to connect these plugs in? Well, GE also has busway for the spectra series line. They have their regular Spectra Series busway and Spectra Series low amp busway. Their Spectra Series busway is designed uniquely and available in both feeder and plug-in styles. If you are tired or wire and conduit then these are great since they replace wire and conduit in most applications, which reduces costs. These are great for medium to large commercial and industrial applications. They are also rated for indoor, drip-proof IP43, splash-proof IP54, and outdoor IP65, IP66 enclosures. We won’t get into GE’s low amp busway today but they are both very similar with just a few slight differences. These busways are great for the Spectra Series and will save you time and money.