GE Armor Clad Bus Plug

General Electric Armor Clad Bus Plug

This General Electric Armor Clad (AC) plug is an older bus plug version that’s been replaced by the newer GE Spectra bus plugs.

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The AC plug family is one of the most popular GE bus plug systems. This family of bus plugs has been in the market for many years. The 600V line are the most popular varieties in the family. They have amperages that range from 15A to 800A. Although these bus plugs have been replaced by the newer version (GE Spectra bus plugs), Armor Clad plugs are still very much popular and are found in many applications globally. These bus plugs are easily maintainable and overall very well made. If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your existing bus plug / busway system, research some distributors that carry surplus new, used, recertified, and aftermarket GE Armor Clad plugs, parts and accessories.

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