Cutler Hammer Breakers: Everything You Need to Know

Cutler Hammer Breakers are reliable and durable circuit breakers that you can buy in bulk and have shipped directly to your location to suit your needs. Cutler Hammer has been in the breaker manufacturing business for many decades.

The name Cutler Hammer has been part of the electrical industry for over a century. Many believe Cutler Hammer breakers are among the best on the market today.


Circuit Breakers and Types

A circuit breaker is an electrical switch that operates automatically to protect an electrical circuit from damage. There are many types of circuit breakers. Standard circuit breakers monitor the flow of electricity entering and moving through the wiring system of a building.

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are designed to cut the power when tripped by an overload of electricity. This most often occurs when unplanned paths form between an electrical current and a ground element.

AFCI breakers protect an unintentional electrical discharge by disconnecting when they sense an electrical jump and abnormal path. Combination arc fault circuit interrupters (CAFCI) are similar to AFCI because they protect against the same arcs.

The type you need depends on the kind of building you are working on and the damage it is most vulnerable to. Damage can result from lightning, switching utility lines or switching electric motors, so it is important to know the risk and choose your product carefully.

Cutler Hammer

Cutler Hammer (part of Eaton Corporation) is an excellent company that has been in the business since 1893, before coming under the Eaton diversified power management corporate umbrella in 1978. Their parts and services have been used in a myriad of buildings and industries, including schools, hospitals, telecommunication facilities and large industrial plants. Their circuit breakers are easy to install, but just make sure your circuit panel is Cutler Hammer, as well.

The average person would be able to install them, but they operate at a level of efficiency that professionals expect. This is a dedicated company that has been in the business almost as long as mankind has been using electricity.

Different Types of Units to Stock

Retailers need a variety of Cutler Hammer Breakers in stock. Many consider Cutler Hammers to be the best circuit breaker you can find. When selecting the breaker, you will be provided with the type, amperage, poles and voltage.

The type refers to the frame size, however this is related to a breaker’s current rating and not the physical size of the breaker (though a higher current rating typically coincides with a larger unit). The circuit load you are buying your breaker for will determine the breaker size you need.

Amperage refers to the strength of an electric current (the flow of electricity through a conductive material). A higher number means a high flow of electricity.

Poles is the amount of tripping mechanisms on the breakers. Voltage lets you know the level of electromotive force present in the breaker.

JD circuit breakers are molded case switches are compact and perfect to use with applications that require high current switching capabilities. This is also true for HJD and JDC Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers.

Another good type of breaker is the KD circuit breaker that allows for interchangeable trip units. You can also order these as individual components (breaker frame, trip unit, rating plug and terminals).

The same is true of the HKD circuit breakers. These are similar circuit breakers, with only slight differences between the two. The HKD would be the better option when working with high interrupting capacity (600 Vac Rated; 65 kAIC at 480 Vac), for a standard interrupting capacity the KD may be your best option.


Buy Options with Warranties

Warranties should be part of your checklist when determining what type of part to buy. When buying these breakers, look for a variety of options, which include an excellent warranty. This may include designators such as:

  1. Re-Certified – Parts have been inspected and tested to make sure they are operating at peak condition, and this includes a one-year warranty.
  2. Re-Certified Plus – Parts are certified by KV Labs and include a two-year warranty.
  3. New Surplus – Parts are guaranteed new and include a one-year warranty.

Final Thoughts


Cutler Hammer has been supplying quality electronics for over 120 years. The company’s circuit breakers are found throughout the world.

The brand Cutler Hammer is a recognized leading product choice by construction professionals everywhere. Knowing the background of Cutler Hammer breakers will help you make an informed choice to suit your requirements.