The Benefits of Cutler Hammer Breakers

Cutler Hammer has been specializing in electric starters, field rheostats, and the general electricity industry since 1893. Founded by electrical inventors, the company has grown from two brothers funded by their mother to several companies with service around the world. It comes as no surprise, they are now one of the leading designers and manufacturers of modern circuit breakers. Cutler Hammer has a long, experienced history in the electrical industry.

There is more behind the company and its capabilities than this historic name. Cutler Hammer continues to surpass its competitors and provide reliable circuit breakers and other pieces of electrical equipment.


What Does a Circuit Breaker Do?

Circuit breakers are one of the most important safety devices in your home, business, or place of work. These pieces of equipment regulate the electric flow coming from the power grid and can cut the power to the circuit if it is overloaded. These breakers are important in preventing fires.

Why Are Cutler Hammer Breakers Different?

What is so different with the Cutler Hammer breakers? CH arc fault and ground breakers prevent unwanted and unnecessary tripping. You may find that your circuit breaker trips or shuts off without any signs of damage or power surges, whether they are sudden or gradual. The AFCI/GFCI breakers use advanced electronics in their diagnostic and shut off systems that reduce unwanted tripping.

Cutler Hammer Breakers Exceed Safety and Quality Standards

Cutler Hammer breakers have branch overvoltage protection to protect even your most sensitive and fragile electronics. The breakers also meet and exceed safety and quality standards as determined by editions of the NEC.

These single-pole breakers are available not only as pigtail breakers but also as plug-on neutral breakers. The plug-on neutral breakers have double the impact on these unwanted tripping events. These breakers can prevent unwanted tripping due to loose pigtail connections. The plug-on neutral breakers are easier to troubleshoot, as there is much less wiring. There is improved wireway access because of the extra space in the breaker panel.


They Maintain a Trip History

These breakers use LED to indicate different trip codes. Not only is this helpful for you in the sense that you can determine the problem and solve it right away, but the device also keeps a “trip history.” This is a record of previous trips and what caused them. While you can immediately solve the problems detected by the LED, you can also perform preventative maintenance and ensure you have the best circuit breaker for your application.

There is a total of seven different AFCI diagnostic trip codes that the device can determine:

  1. Self-test failure: Breaker performs self-tests on the internal electronics and software to ensure they are operating according to specifications. If not, you will be alerted.
  2. Low current arc: The device notifies you when a low current arc has been detected due to a break in a conductor.
  3. High current arc: This error occurs when a high current arc is detected between conductors.
  4. Thermal trip/manual disconnect: Either the breaker was shut off manually or the breaker detected an overload or short circuit.
  5. Short delay: This is an electronic backup to the short-circuit mechanism.
  6. Ground fault: This error occurs when the current has found an alternate path to the ground
  7. Overvoltage: You will be notified if the breaker detects the voltage of 160V RMS or higher.

They Are Easy for Contractors to Install

Electrical contractors will also benefit from the advantages of Cutler Hammer breakers. The thermal-magnetic breakers offered by Cutler Hammer use screws that accept flathead and Phillips screwdrivers. The commercial-style breakers also allow for top- or bottom-style feed with a straight-in design. The same thermal-magnetic breakers are also smaller and more compact, allowing for more breakers per panel.


Cutler Hammer Breaker Applications

There are several typical applications for these breakers:

  • OEM applications
  • Pool panels
  • Light commercial applications
  • Residential load centers
  • Residential transfer switch panels
  • Meter breakout panels

They Are Considered Best in Class

The CH circuit breakers are premium residential breakers and are considered the best in class. The breakers also include Trip to OFF, mechanical flags for trip indication, and single step breaker resets. CH circuit breakers offer both ease of use and safety.

Final Thoughts

Without circuit breakers, we would not be able to regulate the flow of electricity from the utility. Electricity would not be useful or safe to the everyday person, family, or business. To prevent unwanted danger like arcs and fires, the Cutler Hammer breakers are unparalleled. When dealing with the safety of your family, home, or business, it is best to remain on the safe and well-informed side. Cutler Hammer breakers take away the worry, doubt, and questions for your electrical applications.