What Does BD1520 Breaker Mean?

BD1520 is an Eaton / Cutler Hammer brand miniature molded case circuit breaker. This breaker is a tandem / circuit limiting breaker. In other words, BD1520 is a double circuit breaker that takes up one circuit breaker space on a panelboard. However, it does not have a common trip or handle tie for simultaneous disconnecting of two poles — unlike a two-pole circuit breaker.

Eaton BD1520 Tandem

This breaker style will only fit into load center bus stabs that are notched in order to fit the rejection clip built into the bus bar contact on the breaker. This is a code requirement that limits the number of breakers that can be installed into a load center, in this case — Type BR Load Centers.


Here are the specs:


  • Type: BD
  • Amperage: 15 Amp and 20 Amp
  • Interrupt Current Rating: 10 kAIC at 120 VAC
  • Voltage Rating: 120 VAC
  • Wire Size: #14-4 AWG Cu/Al at 60°C or 75°C
  • Connection: Feed-Thru (Line and Load Side Lug Terminals)
  • Protection: Thermal Magnetic
  • Trip Functions: Long Time & Instantaneous (LI) Trip Function
  • Features: Circuit breaker has a rejection tab

** For use in Type BR Load Centers


BR Load Center          BR Load Center Diagram


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