Popular Brands of Air Frame Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are switches that interrupt power from faulty systems, preventing over-currents and short circuits from damaging the main equipment or starting a fire. Its function is to automatically interrupt current flow after detection of fault and switch itself off, after which it can be reset to resume normal operation. Circuit breakers use different methods to interrupt the flow of electricity, one of which is air.

Air Frame type

Once a fault is detected in the electrical system, the electrical breakers move to interrupt the circuit. An electrical arc forms when a high current or voltage is interrupted. Air Frame circuit breakers either use compressed air or displaced air to blow out the arc. Unlike insulated or vacuum type circuit breakers, Air Frames utilize air gaps as an insulation barrier from the disruption of the flow of electricity.

These Air Frame Circuit Breaker brands are popular with our customers due to a combination of features, ease of use, installation, cost, and usability.


Siemens air circuit breakers are engineered to take on the most demanding conditions day after day. The breakers allow for easy deployment, quick installation and secure protection from excessive current flow. Once operational, the breakers operate efficiently and consistently. Siemens’ premium range of air circuit breakers is the most compact design available on the market.

It covers a broad performance range of 630A to 6300A and comes in 3 or 4 pole versions with up to 1150V. Both models share the same usage and accessories and offer up to 1150V. Siemens air circuit breakers also have a great modular design which allows easy retrofitting of all communication components. These air circuit breakers are durable and consistent, even in challenging climate conditions.

This German design company has draw-out mount circuit breakers and allow for the entire unit to replace easily without needing to remove the power feeding into the circuit breaker. This type of mount is also the most reliable and allows for power ON testing. Siemens uses an electric operation which provides for remote closing and tripping but includes a motor to charge the spring for manual operations.

Some popular applications for this circuit breaker include incoming and outgoing feeder circuit breakers in electrical installations; as well as switching and protection of motors, generators, and cables.

Federal Pacific Electric

Federal Pacific Electric air circuit breakers have draw-out mounting and come with both electric and manual operation options. Customers have the choice of a manually operated air circuit breaker which can be tripped by hand with the attached handle. Pulling on the lever repeatedly winds up the spring, which remains charged to interrupt as needed.

Available in 3 and 4 pole options, Federal Pacific Electric’s circuit breakers are affordable and have an average nominal current of about 4000A. Customer feedback from online reviews shows consistently good ratings for these air circuit breakers, giving you peace of mind when choosing this product.


Eaton air circuit breakers lead the industry for low voltage breakers. They have easy access, easy inspection, reliable protection, and minimal maintenance across their many functions. Eaton air circuit breakers balance cost, size, and ease of service. They are available in fixed & draw-out versions, and a mix of 3 & 4 pole frames. These air circuit breakers have options with fewer parts to maintain. With fewer adjustments to make, the Magnum DS circuit breaker is the most straightforward breaker on the market to maintain.

General Electric

General Electric air circuit breakers have worldwide applications with low power dissipation values. They also allow moderately high currents at high ambient temperatures. General Electric circuit breakers have 3 and 4 pole options. Their nominal currents run from 400 to 6400A with a fault interruption rating of 40 – 65kA for both models.

General Electric air circuit breakers are modular, with accessories that are easy to fit and find. General Electric’s primary mission is to ensure safety for all their consumers. Therefore, all air circuit breakers provide safe and reliable service. This reflects through the combination of electrical and mechanical market-leading thermal performance. These circuit breakers mitigate hazards but ensure reliable performance. They give you an edge in safety planning while making code compliance easier.

The most popular brands of Air Frame circuit breakers are those that combine ease of use, installation, low cost and high quality. When it comes time to pick an Air Frame circuit breaker, choose one that is cost-effective, enables integration with your system, and is readily available when you need a replacement.