Square D; Breaker Parts & Accessories; 10A; 125/250 VAC; Factory Mounted

Product Details and Specifications

Breaker Frames MA, MAF, MAL, MAP, MH, MHF, MHL, MHP
Configuration 2A/2B
Rating 125/250 VAC
Position Factory Mounted


Square D, Auxiliary Switch, Breaker Parts & Accessories, Type MA, Remote, 10A, 125/250 VAC, 2A/2B Contacts, 18 AWG Copper Wire Lead, When Installed in a Circuit Breaker the Part Number Suffix is -1286, Breaker Frames: MA, MAF, MAL, MAP, MH, MHF, MHL, MHP Auxiliary Switches from Square D / Schneider Electric

Square D / Schneider Electric
Auxiliary Switches -
Item # MA11286

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