Relectric Offers A Wide Variety of Low Voltage Contactors

  • NEMA & IEC Standards
  • Open & Enclosed Options
  • For Motor Circuits, Lighting Circuits, and Control Circuits
  • Popular Manufacturers (Siemens, General Electric, and more)
  • New, Used, and Recertified (Professionally Tested with Guaranteed Performance)

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Contactors – A Brief Description

A contactor is an electrical device that switches an electrical power circuit on and off. Contactors can switch thousands of amps in low and medium voltage 3-phase systems. All contactors have a low voltage coil and the coil can be AC or DC. In general, contactors are small and easy to mount.

Choose The Right Contactor For Your Application

There are various types of contactors. It is important to choose the right one for your specific application. Below are examples of common applications from our customers.

  • Electric Motors
  • Lighting
  • Industrial Automation
  • HVAC
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Types of contactors Relectric offers:

  • Lighting
  • General Purpose
  • NEMA
  • IEC
  • Solid State
  • Ice Cure Relays
  • Medium Voltage-Vacuum Contactors
  • And many more…

We have brands, configurations, and vintages that are not listed on our website. If you want to locate a particular contactor, click on the “Get A Contactor Quote” button at the top of this page.

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  • Brand
  • Contactor Type (Reversing or Non-Reversing)
  • Amp Rating
  • Coil Voltage
  • Auxiliary Contact Configuration