Eaton; Breaker Parts & Accessories; 400A; 600 VAC; Left/Right Pole

Product Details and Specifications

Breaker Frames KD, DK, KDB, HKD, HKDB, KDC, CKD, CHKD, KW, HKW
Configuration 2A/2B
Rating 600 VAC
Position Left/Right Pole


Eaton, Auxiliary Switch, Breaker Parts & Accessories, Type A2X, Series C, 400A, 600 VAC, Contact Configuration 2NO-2NC, 2A/2B Contacts, Pigtail Style Leads, Left or Right Pole, When Installed in a Circuit Breaker the Part Number Suffix is -A13, Breaker Frames: KD, DK, KDB, HKD, HKDB, KDC, CKD, CHKD, KW, HKW, KWC, KG, E2K, E2KM Auxiliary Switches from Eaton / Cutler-Hammer / Westinghouse

Eaton / Cutler-Hammer / Westinghouse
Auxiliary Switches -
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