Ground Fault Basics

Ground fault is simply a short in the system. It occurs when current going out on ungrounded phase comes back on grounded path. To avoid shock hazards, current going out any one phase must come back on another phase or neutral.   Ground Fault Protection A ground fault protection device is required to protect from […]

What Breakers Can Replace Murray Circuit Breakers?

Murray Circuit Breakers Circuit breakers are a crucial component of an electrical power system. They act as automatic electrical switches to protect an electrical circuit from damage, due to excess current caused by an overload or short-circuit. Circuit Breakers exhibit this function by inhibiting current flow once a fault is present. Murray circuit breakers were […]

Which Obsolete Electrical Parts Are Most in Demand?

Obsolete Electrical Parts When obsolete electrical parts reach the end of their lifecycle, their production also terminates. Contrary to what you might believe, obsolete electrical parts are not unwanted parts because they are faulty. Usually, these electrical components function perfectly fine. They become obsolete due to overstocking by the seller or the emergence of a […]

What Makes Acme Electric Transformers So Reliable?

Acme Electric Acme Electric has been designing and manufacturing power equipment for over 80 years. The industrial and commercial sectors use Acme Electric products. Acme Electric has made a name for itself by providing excellent customer service. Its employees have top-of-the-line training to provide the right technical expertise for their customers. Additionally, the company is […]

All About Insulated Case GE Breakers

General Electric – GE General Electric has been designing and manufacturing electrical products since 1892. Today, it is a multinational company that continues to produce a wide variety of electrical products. GE brands continue to dominate many market segments, from washing machines to electrical circuit breakers. About Insulated Case Circuit Breakers Insulated case circuit breakers […]

Replacement Options for Obsolete Square D and Schneider Electric Breakers

Obsolete Square D & Schneider Electric Breakers Obsolete Square D & Schneider Electric breakers function perfectly fine, contrary to popular belief. In fact, they are merely parts at the end of the product life cycle. Newer models may have replaced them, but many electricians use obsolete parts to repair or restore something that works exceptionally […]

22 Most Electrifying Holiday Light Displays (and the contractors behind them)

Holiday Light Displays Electricity is the fuel that drives these holiday light extravaganzas. The ones on our list have over two million light bulbs, hundreds of light displays and many draw power bills exceeding $1,000 a night. Some of these light displays require months of preparation and turn to the professionals providing¬†electrical equipment, while in-house […]

Popular Brands of Air Frame Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers Circuit breakers are switches that interrupt power from faulty systems, preventing over-currents and short circuits from damaging the main equipment or starting a fire. Its function is to automatically interrupt current flow after detection of fault and switch itself off, after which it can be reset to resume normal operation. Circuit breakers use […]