New Product Launch – PLC: Allen Bradley 1756-IF8 Series A

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Hey there Contractors and fellow Service Professionals!

Today we are covering the Allen Bradley 1756-IF8 Series A PLC.

This is a ControlLogix Current/Voltage Analog Input Module with 8 Poles (36-Pin). Chassis mounting type.

PLC Allen Bradley 1756-IF8 AAllen Bradley 1756-IF8 ControlLogix Input Module

When this 1756-IF8 ControlLogix is operating in 2-Channel High Speed mode, only channels 0 and 2 can be used. It uses one of the following RTBs: 1756-TBCH 36 position Cage clamp RTB or 1756-TBS6H 36 position Spring clamp RTB. The extended depth cover (1756-TBE) can be used for applications with heave gauge wiring.

AB_1756-IF8-A_001Allen Bradley 1756-IF8 ControlLogix Voltage/Current Analog Input 36-Pin


Now onto the Specifications in table format…

Allen Bradley 1756-IF8 Series A
Number of Inputs 8 Single-Ended, 4 Differential,
2 High-Speed Differential
Input Range +/- 10.25V (15 bits plus sign bipolar),
0-10.25V (16 bits),
0-5.125V (16 bits),
0-20.5mA (16 bits)
Data Format Integer Mode (Left justified, 2s complement),
Floating Point IEEE 32 bit
Input Impedance Voltage: >1 MΩ
Current: 249 MΩ
Module Error Voltage: 0.1%
Current: 0.3%
Backplane Current 150 mA at 5.1 VDC
40 mA at 24 VDC


AB_1756-IF8-A_0051756-IF8 ControlLogix Module – Differential Current / Voltage

AB_1756-IF8-A_006Allen Bradley 1756-IF8 ControlLogix Module – Single-ended Current / Voltage

This ControlLogix module supports on-board data alarming, scaling to engineering units, real-time channel sampling, IEEE 32-bit floating point or 16-bit integer data formats.


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