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Dry Type Distribution Transformer

We are the nation's premier supplier of distribution transformers. All of our transformers are professionally reconditioned, tested, certified and guaranteed to perform - at our expense. We offer a full line of control transformers, distribution transformers, reactor products, motor starting autotransformers, clean power products, dry type transformers, as well as oil-filled transformers and substations.

We are an authorized distibutor for Acme Transformers, and we also offer a full range of new and reconditioned transformers by ABB, Challenger, Cutler-Hammer, FPE, General Electric, Hammond, Jefferson, MGM, Square D, Westinghouse, and more.

Our prices are highly competitive and we can often beat manufacturer lead time. Contact us or give us a call at 800-497-6255 to submit your RFQ.

Featured Transformers: Acme Transformers (Factory New)

Control Transformers

Relectric offers a complete line of control transformer products. From high inrush industrial models (PH Series) to CE marked (PT Series), from HVAC open style (SL Series) to din rail mount (PHD & PTD Series) and buck-boost (BK Series) to enclosed units (E Series) as well. Ratings offered range from 25VA up to 7500VA on some models in as many as 19 different voltages. More »

Dry Type Transformer

Dry Type Transformers

Acme Electric produces a wide range of standard three phase dry type power transformers. However, this is just some of our capabilities. We also manufacture unit substation transformers and traction duty rectifiers, and cycloconverters can be offered for a variety of environmental conditions and built to meet the most onerous duty, including MIL standards. More »

Clean Power Transformer

Clean Power Transformers

Acme offers a wide range of Clean Power products to solve your power problems. These include computer regulators, line voltage conditioners and single phase and three phase super isolation transformers. More »

Distribution Transformer

Distribution Transformers

Acme offers one of the broadest ranges of General-Purpose distribution transformers available in North America. This includes single and three phase general purpose transformers, non-linear (K-factor) transformers, energy efficient (TP1) transformers, low temperature rise transformers, low voltage lighting transformers, encapsulated transformers and three phase drive isolation and autotransformers (Std. ratings from 9kVA to 750kVA). More »

Motor Starting Autotransformer

Motor Starting Autotransformers

Acme's motor starting autotransformers have been an industry standard for many years. Our 2909 and 3009 series product lines are designed for medium duty service and are manufactured in accordance with NEMA standards. We offer both three phase two coil and three coil units available in ratings from 25HP to 1600HP. More »


Reactor Products

The reactor products available from Acme include three phase line reactors (RM Series), three phase DV/DT filters (RC Series) and a wide range of custom and specialty reactor products as well. We take pride in our ability to manufacture, on a timely basis, custom designed and built reactors for almost any application. More »

Custom Transformer

Custom Transformers

We specialize in custom built dry type and oil filled transformers. We can supply transformers up to 30MVA to meet the most demanding applications and extreme environments. More »

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