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Automatic Transfer Switch

We are an Authorized Stocking Distributor of ASCO Automatic Transfer Switches, and we are the nation's premier supplier of new and reconditioned distribution switches. All of our reconditioned switches are professionally cleaned, tested, certified and guaranteed to perform - at our expense. We stock general duty and heavy duty switches in all enclosures rated from indoor rated through explosion proof.

Our prices are highly competitive and we can often beat manufacturer lead time. Contact us for a quotation or give us a call at 800-497-6255 to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales reps today.

Featured Switches: Asco 300 Series (Service Entrance)

ASCO 300 Series Automatic Transfer Switch

Power Transfer Switch combines automatic power switching with a utility circuit breaker as a disconnect device. The power transfer switch meets all National Electrical Code requirements for installation as service entrance equipment.
Service entrance rated transfer switches generally are installed at facilities that have a single utility feed and a single emergency power source. A circuit breaker serves as the utility disconnect and links are provided to connect both neutral and ground conductors.

The ASCO 300SE Service Entrance Automatic Transfer Switch uses the same reliable transfer switching mechanism, and controller as the series 300 product platform, and also includes a utility circuit breaker as a disconnect device.

Product Features:

  • Suitable for use as service entrance equipment.
  • The ASCO Series 300SE is listed to UL 891 standard for Dead-Front Switchboards, and meets all NEC requirements for service entrance equipment.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch is listed to UL 1008 for total system loads.
  • Sizes available from 150 through 3000 amps.
  • Available to 600 VAC, 50 or 60Hz, single or three phase.
  • Circuit Breaker disconnect on the normal for isolation of transfer switch and other electrical equipment.
  • Disconnect link on Neutral and Ground.
  • Silver plated copper ground and neutral bus.
  • Solderless screw type terminals for External Power Connections.
  • Ground fault trip protection provided on sizes of 1000 amperes and above.
  • UL approved Type 1 enclosure.
  • Available with solid or switched neutral.
  • Optional TVSS Available on Normal, Emergency and /or Load.
  • Ground and neutral disconnect links

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