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RELECTRIC - Electric supply products, circuit breakers

We specialize in fast solutions to tough electrical problems.

Customer Testimonials

"My previous circuit breaker supplier did a good job for us, but you guys are just a cut above them. Relectric is fast, your quality is consistently high, and your service is better, so I wonÂ’t even bother using anybody else. In a world where dollars and cents make the decision easy to make, Relectric is just the better choice for circuit breakers and other distribution equipment."

- Commercial Electrical Contractor (CA)

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Sell to Us (New or Used)

Recycle Your Electrical Equipment Don't throw away your unwanted or used electric equipment. Why watch your money disappear down the drain and add to the growing strain on the environment? Contact Relectric Supply instead.

We will give you a quick quote for any new, obsolete or used circuit breakers or any other products. We offer account credit or cash for your equipment and usually cover shipping.

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Online Test Reports

News: Fast Times at RELECTRIC SupplyIt's finally safe to go green. Relectric offers online test reports for circuit breakers. Need an acceptance test or certification before install?

We're the first company in the circuit breaker business to put test reports online. Want to see why it's cool?.

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